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Fax Filing

Per local court rule, we are able to accept fax filings in the Maries County Circuit Court. When sending a filing per faxcimile, you do NOT need to send in the original. Please avoid sending in the original after filing per fax, as doing so can result in a double filing and double the work for our clerks. For more information, please see the local court rule below.



     Authority for Rule

     This rule is promulgated under the authority conferred in Mo.S.Ct.
Rule 43.01(i) (Effective July 1, 1991).

     Facsimile Filing Authorized

     Any pleading or other document including an original filing, may be
filed in any division of this court having, maintaining or designating a
facsimile machine for the receipt of such transmissions, by transmission of
the same to such facsimile machine.

     Any pleading or document filed by facsimile transmission shall have
the same effect as the filing of the original document, even though it may be
required to be verified, acknowledged or sworn to by some other method.

     The pleading or document shall be deemed filed on the date and at the
     time actually received at the office of the clerk.

     Risk of loss in transmission, receipt or illegibility is upon the
person or party transmitting and filing by facsimile.

     If the document is not received by the clerk, or if it is illegible, it is deemed not filed, except that in the case of partial illegibility, that part which is legible is deemed filed.

     The person filing a pleading or other document by facsimile transmission
shall retain the original, and make it available upon order of the court.